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Our Catholic Faith

A Catholic education is a vital part of building and sustaining our Christian faith. Our faith must be lived, experienced, and practiced each and every day in order for it to become firmly rooted and grow to sustain us throughout our lives, in preparation for the eternal lives we seek with our Father.

Our parish school is an extension of St. Pius V Church and was established, and continues to exist today, to partner with parents to help fulfill our Church’s mission to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ and continue His work. In our parish school, students see Jesus and God as a natural part of their lives – all day, every day.

St. Pius V Catholic School provides:

  • Weekly all-school Mass
  • Regular opportunities for students to pray (traditional and spontaneous prayer)
  • School-wide participation in religious celebrations, integral to the spiritual formation of the community
  • Varied opportunities for students and parents to give back to the parish, local, and global communities
  • Active student participation in weekday and Sunday liturgies throughout the year