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Weekly Reminders, Patriot Brag Box

Weekly Reminders
Liturgical Season: Ordinary Time - Liturgical Color: Green
July 14, 2018 to July 20, 2018
St. Pius V Parish students are "Messengers of Memory"
Catholic Social Teaching is an important part of the curriculum at St. Pius V Parish School. In studying the seven themes of Catholic Social teaching, the junior high students study the Holocaust and participate in Chapman University’s annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest. This year’s contest invited students to listen to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, find a meaningful message, and express this message (via art, prose, poetry or film) to others. Out of over 7,000 entries, three of our students (Shannen D., Jesmin M., and Sabrina P.) were selected for recognition and were invited to the ceremony at Chapman University. Sabrina’s short film, “I Will Never Know”, was a finalist in the film category. Her film was inspired by the testimony of Sally Zelinski Roisman, whom she was able to meet at the ceremony. Congratulations! You make us very proud! 
          Sabrina P. with Sally Zelinski Roisman
“When would this war end?”
by Shannen D.
There was no time for me to spend
With my family,
Or even making friends
When would this war end?
Homes were nonexistent.
Despite being temporary,
There were ghettos to live in.
No, they were not consistent.
When would this war end?
Father was caught in the killing, Though, the very thought of death
Had been chilling,
I had to bear the pain in my chest
When would this war end?
People forced into labor
and I was late once.
The Gestapo fired three shots.
The bullets missed me,
But I was still caught.
I, Israel Rosenwald,
was left with one thought:
“When would this war end?”
The closing words of "I Will Never Know."
I will never know everything about your story, for I am only a messenger. But what I do know is that by sharing your memories, you have taught the next generation that their words and actions can affect a nation. Thank you, Sally Zelinski Roisman.
The Missing Pieces
by Jesmin M.
Four children, three boys, one girl
One happy family
Happiness filled the air
Her puzzle was complete
Naive to her surroundings
All vanished just in one night
Taken away from family
She lost a puzzle piece
Taken to her prison
Stripped of all memories
Happiness was nonexistent
Her faith was diminishing
Another puzzle piece was gone
Woke up at five
Work and repeat
Treated like animals
Two and a half years of misery
Her puzzle was destroyed
Liberation came,
God was there all along
Victorious over her captors
Family and love were found
Heart was slowly mending
She was finding her missing pieces
Proud mother of three
She survived and thrived
through it all
Some pieces lost forever
Lost, but never forgotten
A message for future generations
Keep the memory alive
Don’t forget the missing pieces
Be a messenger of memory.
Watch Sabrina's video here.

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